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Scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica data leak via Facebook and its subsequent influence on the British Brexit and the American Presidential election have dominated world news in recent years, and for good reason. However, the underlying problem is much larger than just these incidents. Online tools, most notably data privacy, are being used in ways which hadn’t really been anticipated.

The tally of what “hadn’t really been anticipated” currently stands at influenced elections, deep fakes, fake news, influence campaigns targeting deeply held values, filter bubbles, online division and tribalism, manipulation, and online surveillance. May it be companies maximising profits or governments sculpting the perfect citizen, identity and data privacy lies at the very heart of the optimisation equation. Human behaviour is becoming an optimisation problem, and we are providing the data that will be optimised for.

Taking you on a journey from the limitations of proxies such as passports and reputation to the relationship between data ethics and A.I., the author debunks myths, showcasing that our current forms of identity are fundamentally unsustainable and unsuitable for the 21st century. In this timely book, Arwen Smit offers insights into how to build the infrastructure for the society that we want.

book available Early 2020

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Arwen smit

Drawing from experience of researching the identity of things for the largest blockchain consortium in the mobility sector and time spent at technology giants, Arwen Smit provides the most comprehensive theory to date of what identity should look like in our connected, data dominated world. Arwen Smit believes decentralised technologies will change our economic and political systems, and identity will be one of the key building blocks in creating this new future. An international speaker, her ideas have been featured on TEDx, Wired, and the European Commission.

“Reimagining identity in the 21st century is a deeply personal question for all of us, and our answer to this question will shape how we will interact with each other, companies, governments and machines.”






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“Solving Data Privacy is Essential: Identity Must Evolve”

Previous and future engagement include pan-governmental organisations such as the European Space Agency and the European Commission, multinationals such as the Boston Consulting Group, top-tier universities such as the London Business School, and international platforms such as TEDX.



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